November 10, 2016


Do you want to reach new customers from other countries that don’t speak your language?
Have you ever wondered whether your copies in other languages are as good as your original ones?

In order to expand your business and enter new markets, you need a good language specialist to help you cope with everything, including the translation of your copies and website. In other words, you need a professional who matches your needs. This could be a translation company or an individual. But remember: whichever option you’d choose, all the great work would always be done by a particular individual language specialist.  If you want to get new clients, you have to be sure that the person who handles your translation knows his or her ins and outs. And this person has to be a native speaker and (preferably) live in your target country. After all, you want to be sure your marketing copy in another language is perfect culture-wise.

Imagine what a relief it would be if you don’t have to worry about the cultural aspects and the overall quality of translation!

My name is Dmytro Nehrii. I am a reliable and diligent translator who solves linguistic problems related to intercultural communication, entering new markets, increasing profits and cultural misunderstandings.

You can greatly benefit from my experience as an English to Ukrainian and Russian translator specializing in marketing. My knowledge of every tiny cultural aspect will ensure you won’t get in any awkward situation because of an unnoticed mistake.

My 10 years’ experience of working with marketing texts, my strong interest in marketing and my academic background (Specialist degree in translation and marketing courses I’ve completed on Coursera and similar platforms as part of my hobby and CPD) mean that you can be assured of my expertise, attention to your project and the quality of my translations.

With my help, you are sure to get greater customer satisfaction and (very likely) even increase your sales.

If you feel that I could be a right specialist for you, get a free quote. If you want to know anything about me — I’m at your service. In case you would like to know how the translation process is organized, here’s a quick description.