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It's not all about the marketing translations
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Marketing translations

Marketing translations is my main specialization, so I will make every effort to ensure your marketing message will work in Ukrainian or Russian. I’ve developed a strong interest in this major field ever since being a part of the PR and Branding department of the local AIESEC committee in my student years. I enjoy reading literature on marketing and take relevant courses as part of my CPD.

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Software translations

Bad localization may ruin user experience and make it really frustrating. Thanks to globalization, even English-speaking users have learnt this. I have extensive experience in translating software-related texts. I have been dealing with various kinds of software for personal users, industrial software for factories and plants, as well as specialist software for field experts.

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Safety translations

Occupational safety is the area where lives often literally depend on the translation quality, so putting your trust in an unexperienced translator is out of the question. Having extensive experience with various kinds of texts on occupational safety, personal protective equipment and safety of household appliances, I would be glad to help you translate your safety-related materials.

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Household appliances

Household equipment may seem an easy subject at first sight, but quality is as important for user experience here as in marketing translations. I have translated materials on various types of household appliances, from air conditioners to blenders to microwave ovens to printers to smartphones — and many, many more.

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Food industry

Nowadays you can’t imagine the food industry without the advanced equipment that improves the overall product quality and helps maximize its yield. I can offer you my expertise in localization of such equipment.

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Other subjects

Throughout my career I’ve translated various manuals, leaflets, contracts, software, websites, and more. I love working on music, gaming and literary translation projects. I also volunteered to translate an amazing fiction book by a Canadian author.

I'll make your marketing message work in Ukrainian or Russian.

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Professional English to Ukrainian and Russian translations
I know how to make your marketing texts and copies work in Ukraine

In order to expand your business and enter new markets, you need a good language specialist to help you translate your copies and website. If you want to get new clients, you have to be sure that the person who handles your translation knows his or her ins and outs.

My name is Dmytro Nehrii. I am a diligent translator who solves linguistic problems related to intercultural communication, entering new markets, increasing profits, and cultural misunderstandings.

You can benefit from my experience as an English to Ukrainian and Russian translator specializing in marketing. My knowledge of cultural aspects will ensure you won’t get in any awkward situation because of an unnoticed mistake.

With my help, you are sure to get greater customer satisfaction and increase your sales.

Human Translation

Some companies may assure you that machine translation is the thing today. But it won’t work for Ukrainian or Russian — just ask native speakers who use websites with machine-translated content. The amount of required post-editing is huge, and the texts would end up sounding a bit clumsy. And I know how sensitive your copies may be. So that’s why you will get 100% human translation when you use my services.

There are plenty of other decent translators out there, so why choose me? Because I won’t treat your text as another translation job. I always translate with the end customer and my clients in mind, and I know what should be done to make the text attractive. That is how I can help your business by drawing new customers from Ukraine or Russia.

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